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Say Hello to Saponetti, Toronto’s First Package-Free Soap Delivery Service

The Toronto Tool Library & Sharing Depot partnered with Saponetti – Toronto’s package-free soap delivery service – a couple of years ago to bring you bulk soap stations, which you’ll find at both our 830 St Clair W and 192 Spadina Ave locations! These soap stations have been extremely popular with our community and we’ve had great feedback from you!

Saponetti Inc. (inspired by the Italian word for soap, sapone) is Toronto’s first and only soap delivery company.

They offer premium, Canadian-made, environmentally friendly, hypoallergenic soaps and detergents for home and personal care. You can order online and they’ll deliver to your home milkman style, or you can pick them up from one of their refill stations at our locations!

At our St Clair W and Spadina locations you will be able to refill:

  • shampoo
  • conditioner
  • shower gel
  • dish soap
  • hand soap
  • all-purpose cleaner
  • laundry detergent
  • cleaning vinegar

​Each time we buy a bottle of liquid soap, another plastic container becomes destined for the blue bin, where it enters a big, dirty waste stream. Only about 50% of Toronto’s waste plastic actually gets recycled. Almost all of it is made from petroleum oil, so there’s a sizeable percentage of geopolitics in every gram of the stuff. And all that recycling requires trucks and facilities that burn energy and generate waste and pollution.

Saponetti is committed is to providing sustainable choices toward a future that relies less and less on obsolete products like single use plastics. Saponetti does everything in its power to eliminate waste and prevent plastic from entering our landfills and waterways.

To celebrate the launch of their very own storefront location – The Saponetti Depot at 615c Brock Avenue – we sat down with co-founder Nikki to ask her to tell us a little bit more about the inspiration behind what they do.

When / how did you first start striving to live an eco-friendly lifestyle?

My husband (and business partner), Christian, and I made radical shifts in our lifestyles about 16 years ago. I was struggling with chronic and debilitating migraines and was desperate to find a reason and some relief. This journey to wellness led to a whole process of change in pretty much everything we were doing, what we were eating and what products we were using on our bodies and in our home. 

Having grown up in Germany, Christian arrived in Canada already with a strong sense of environmental responsibility around water use, waste and recycling.

When / how did you decide to start a zero-waste store?

The lack of local package-free options was the ultimate inspiration to open our own business. Also, the realization that while we were making efforts to buy the most environmentally friendly products available, we were still poisoning our environment with plastic waste, which just didn’t make sense. We were convinced that we were not the only ones looking for alternatives and so we decided to open an online delivery service targeting our local community and surrounding neighbourhoods. Saponetti launched online in June 2016 with the depot following in April 2018 conveniently located at 615c Brock Avenue, just a few steps north of Bloor Street, between Dufferin and Lansdown Stations. 

Christian at The Saponetti Depot, 615c Brock Ave

Tell us about your store’s mission + what products / services you offer

Our mission is to provide a solution to the overwhelming problem with single-use plastics. We want to help redefine the way we shop by providing package-free options. The goal is to make it easy and convenient for consumers to zero-waste everyday consumables from laundry soap, dish soap and all-purpose cleaners to personal care products like shampoo, shower gel and deodorant. Everything is eco-friendly and cruelty-free. All our brands are Canadian and we try to source as local as possible so we can manage and minimize waste within our supply chain as well. It is important that our partners share our same values in terms of environmental protection as well healthy products for healthy homes and businesses.

Customers shop online and we deliver refills in returnable mason jars, which we collect on the next delivery, via electric vehicles and bicycles with our partner The Drop Distribution. Now that we have opened the refill depot, customers can also drop by with their own containers to refill or borrow from our stock of mason jars. 

What do you love about about the work you do?

Good feelings pour in on a daily basis. Every time someone walks into the depot and exclaims how excited they are that we exist we feel confirmed in our choice and that we are on the right track. We meet likeminded people and hear so many going-green journeys! We are very happy to know that we are helping people decrease their reliance on plastic and make sustainable choices for their families. 

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Saponetti reusable soap station at the Toronto Tool Library & Sharing Depot

Price List for Saponetti Soap Stations inside the Toronto Tool Library & Sharing Depot:


  • Liquid Dish Soap: $0.55/100ml
  • Hand Soap: $0.95/100ml
  • Laundry Detergent 2x concentrated $0.74/100ml
  • All Purpose Cleaner (spray): $0.48/100ml
  • Cleaning Vinegar (spray): $0.36/100ml


  • Shampoo: $2.20/100ml
  • Conditioner: $2.20/100ml
  • Shower Gel: $2.20/100ml

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