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Now There’s a Better Way to Give Memberships as Gifts

For the maker, the DIYer, the tinkerer. For the lover of outdoor adventures and nights under the stars. For the party animal and the event planner. For the board gamer. For the little people who love toys but love novelty even more. For the minimalist who likes stuff but hates clutter. For the environmentalist who wants to live lighter on the planet.

THERE’S A CARD FOR ALL THAT AND MORE – give your loved ones the gift of access to thousands of items with a membership to the Toronto Tool Library & Sharing Depot this Holiday season! The gift that gives all year long, a membership to a library of things provides infinite experiences without the price tag, clutter or environmental damage.

And now there’s an even better way to give memberships as gifts! We are excited to be partnering with UnWrapIt to make your gift of access that much more meaningful to the person who receives it. With UnWrapIt, you can create a memorable gift opening experience for intangible and experiential gifts by “wrapping” any kind of gift with multiple choice questions, a scavenger hunt and personal photos.

So how do you wrap thousands of tools and other items available to borrow through our library of things to make the experience of opening a membership card exciting for the recipient? Choose from a variety of different wrap experiences when you purchase the membership online through UnWrapIt

Check out the pre-made wrap experiences UnWrapIt put together for gifted Toronto Tool Library & Sharing Depot memberships. Decide which level of membership is right for your loved one, add it to the gift builder and follow the steps! You can select the ‘preview’ section at the bottom of each bundle to see an example of what the unwrapping experience will be like for the person you are sending it to.

Why UnWrapIt?

Fewer Parcels, Better Gifts 

Every year, tens of millions of parcels are ordered online, wrapped with wrapping paper, and delivered as gifts. 

Meanwhile, independent research has shown that more than 50% of gift recipients in North America prefer intangible gifts like experiences to physical gifts.

The Big Idea  

If there was an easy way to create exciting and joyful gift opening experiences when giving intangible gifts, then more people would give intangible gifts. And with more intangible gifts given, there would be:

  • More satisfied gift recipients
  • More shared experiences
  • Fewer trees cut down
  • Less CO2 emissions from manufacturing & shipping
  • Less gift waste overall

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