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Top Summer Borrow Picks

We’ve put together a list of some of our favourite items from The Sharing Depot‘s inventory to borrow over the summer! Spice up your backyard barbecues, pump up your patio parties, enhance your camping excursions, blow your friends away with how awesome you are – all without spending money or cluttering your home. Borrow it, use it, return it, repeat!

You can explore our full inventory of over 10,000 items available for borrow online here.


Froggy Folding Chairs + Folding Table with Drink Holders

Heading to a cottage or out camping with kids? Take along this cute set of folding froggy chairs complete with table and cup holders. Folds up into a conveniently small and easy to stow size.


The Coolest Cooler

Make your summer gathering or camping trip extra 😎 ~cool~ 😎 with the all-in-one-everything cooler: The Coolest Cooler. It’s got a built in blender, bottle opener, usb charger, splash-proof blue tooth speakers, set of plates & MORE!


BioLight Camp Stoves

One of our favourite things in inventory are our BioLight Camp Stoves. This stove does magic tricks: while you burn wood to cook your food, the BioLight Camp Stove generates useable electricity that can be used to charge LED lights, mobile phones and other personal devices. The best part? No gas is necessary. It creates a smokeless fire that cooks food and boils water in minutes. Comes with a USB bendy light.


Party Parachute

Heading out to the park and need some entertainment for the kids? Borrow one of our party parachutes (12 person parachute or the 20ft parachute that comes with plastic balls, which can be found at both our Danforth and St Clair West locations)


Disco Ball

Make your outdoor patio party sparkle or take it inside to dazzle up your living room. Your guests never looked so sparkly, borrow the Disco Ball!


Portable Projector

Screen a movie for family and friends from wherever you are with the Magnasonic Portable Projector! You can project movies directly from your smart phone, tablet or computer. Hang a white sheet, use a wall or your camper van!


Chocolate Fountain

What could possibly be better than fresh fruit, you ask? FRESH FRUIT BATHED IN CHOCOLATEY GOODNESS, that’s what! The Chocolate Fountain is ideal for just about any occasion – baby shower, birthday party, backyard barbecue. We also have a Fondue Set.


Popcorn Maker

Planning a movie night or a Netflix binge? Make delicious popcorn for your guests using this vintage-inspired Popcorn Maker!


Camping Chairs

Having a few extra chairs for your summer adventure – whether your hanging in a back yard, camping in a park or sitting around the campfire at the cottage – can never be a bad thing. Find camping chairs at the Danforth and St Clair West.


Portable Record Player

We’ve got several of these super convenient Crosley Keepsake USB Turntables with speakers available, along with a selection of records to borrow! Get your guests into the vinyl revival without having to commit to it yourself. The benefits of borrowing!

Fun fact: this record player also has the ability to transfer music from records onto computers.


 Bubble Machine

Did you know we have a Bubble Machine? We do. And it’s awesome. This is excellent for children’s parties in the park, street parties or just outside in the backyard with the a bunch of kids who are young at heart 🙂


Fairy Lights

Make those bubbles shine in the dark with the addition of string of lights for your backyard. Congrats – you just took your outdoor patio party to the. next. level.


Folding Chairs

For those of you hosting a wedding or other large gathering, we have got the chairs for you! 50 of them to be exact. Borrow as many of our Folding Chairs as you would like.


Pop-Up Tent

Maybe you’re heading to the beach or a music festival for the day and you need a little shelter but don’t want to go through the hair-pulling ordeal that is setting up a full-on tent (no, just me?). This Pop-up Tent will do the trick! It’s super easy to pop-up and pack flat again, no poles, no strings attached.


Tug of War Rope

We have a big ol’ traditional Tug of War Rope in our inventory! This is a great activity for the cottage or while out camping.



We’ve got many, many games in our inventory to entertain family and friends. Check out some highlights here or drop by to peruse our wall of games!


Portable Mixed-Drinks Kit

If you are drinking responsibly at your gathering, you might want to try The Portable Mized-Drinks Kit – which comes with tongs, bottle opener, two picnic-sized tumblers and “The Standard Bartenders Guide” by Patrick Gavin Duffy. Cute bartending dog not included. Sadly.


Infinite experiences – without the price tag or the clutter. We’re Canada’s first Library of Things network, where you can come to borrow camping gear, tools, board games, children’s toy, sports equipment and event supplies. Support us by becoming a member, making a donation or volunteering at one of our locations. If you are interested in learning how to set up your own Library of Things, get in touch with us for a free Skype consultation!

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