Canada’s 1st
Library of Things
is Now Open!

Borrow thousands of items including camping and sports equipment, house party supplies, board games and toys for $55/year.

Save a Bundle

Membership options range from $55-$110 per year. Save money on purchases and storage and have an abundant life without the burden of ownership.

Save the Planet

Sharing items means less resources need to be mined, manufactured, shipped, packaged and eventually landfilled..

Reduce Your Clutter

No need to fill your closets with more stuff. We’ve got thousands of items to share including tents, cotton candy machines and games from around the world.

Own Less and Experience More

Borrow tents, sleeping bags, stoves, lamps and much more.

Learn New Skills

Workshops and Events

Swapping Events

Join us for swaps for stuff like clothes, toys, art and more. Check our calendar for listings.

Tips and Tricks

Learn how to take your first camping trip, use our woodshop and laser cutter and upgrade your skills with talented Torontonians sharing their know-how!

Bunz Safe Swapping Zone

Meet fellow Bunz swappers in a safe and welcoming space.

Money Saved
Portfolio Projects

See what we and our awesome community have been up to.